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Jimmy Angelina

Jimmy Angelina swapped studying filmmaking at Columbia College, in  Chicago, for studying visual art at Bennington College, in Vermont---where he graduated with a BA in Drawing/Sculpture.  His illustrations have appeared in various publications and on theatre posters.   He's taken part in group and solo shows in New York City, San Francisco, Vermont and Louisville, KY.  Latterly, he joined the New Texture publishing collective---where he has collaborated, along with co-author Wyatt Doyle, on three volumes of cult-movie-classic-movie-pop-culture artifact-satire---THE LAST COLORING BOOK, THE LAST COLORING BOOK ON THE LEFT and BE ITALIAN.  He provided illustrations for the feature film ROLLING STONE: LIFE AND DEATH OF BRIAN JONES, directed by Danny Garcia.  He's also released a CD with New Texture.  He is available for freelance work and commissions.  He likes books.  He likes movies.  He likes music.  He likes dogs.

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